Wednesday, 23 February 2011


 I hadn't had Japanese food in a while and decided to try Ematei.

Oh, asparabacon <3

Overall, the food was good and I didn't have any problems with the service - all orders arrived quickly and the waitress was attentive. However, I definitely didn't feel like I sampled enough of the food to make a personal recommendation for this restaurant but I'll probably drop by there again when I'm in the area.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Inspiration: A Dreamy Touch

Such a beautiful Vogue Italia editorial shot by Sølve Sundsbø featuring Dutch model Melissa Tammerijn. The airy and ethereal atmosphere just draws me in. And of course, the styling is excellent - I completely adore lace and ruffles. The veils and floral headpieces are particularly interesting and lovely touches as well.  

I would love a close up on what appear to be gloves in the last picture - they add a certain unexpected edge.

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Friday, 18 February 2011

Great Eggspectations

Dropped by Eggspectation, an all-day breakfast joint, a little while back. Even at 2 in the afternoon it was bustling with people and was clearly a favourite among families. Great service, and atmosphere (albeit a bit on the loud side).

The menu was quite extensive and I ended up settling on the Egg-chilada, which was okay but nothing particular spectacular. Essentially, it was an egg omelette with peppers and cheese. I like salsa and hot peppers and there was clearly a lot of both.There wasn't a strong cheese flavour though and I felt like it was slightly more mushy than I prefer.  I would definitely try something else next time. I will say that the potatoes hit the spot with the perfect balance of crispy and soft.

I am quite horrible at introductory posts but welcome to my blog. I won't try to narrow it down and say there is going to be one particular focus to it - just expect it to be a slice-of-life kind of blog. :)