Monday, 18 July 2011

Sweet Confections

Having read some great reviews, I dropped by The Wedding Cake Shoppe. They have a lovely little storefront with wedding cake designs but the display of cupcakes are what obviously took center stage for me. With all the deliciousness of a full size cake in a convenient no-fuss format, cupcakes are one of my favourite treats. 

I ended up getting a half dozen cupcakes (Cookies and Cream, Red Velvet, Vanilla Bean, Cappucino, Passionfruit, and some unknown flavour) to share with a friend. However, after a rather filling dinner, I only managed to snag a few bites of the highly recommended Red Velvet cupcake. The Wedding Cake Shoppe's version of this classic cupcake turned out to be perfectly light, moist and fluffy, complimented by the tang of the cream cheese frosting. I will definitely be back to try some more of their cupcakes. (Meanwhile, my friend and his family have quite happily reported back to me that the rest of the cupcakes were heavenly.)

Cupcakes weren't the only thing that I left with though. There was something so alluring about the adorable little macarons placed beside the cupcakes. With their smooth rounded shells and pretty pastel colours, they conjure up images of dainty tea parties with fancy china. I picked up two macarons, one in each flavour. They seemed to be the ideal snack to tide me over until I met up with my friend. They were also packaged into a Chinese take-out style box that only added to the cuteness factor. I have never tried a macaron before but having seen macarons on various food blogs, there were a few things that I did look out for like the smoothness of the shells and the ever characteristic feet. These particular macarons had a crisp but very delicate outer shell that cracked upon first bite (and even from the pressure of my fingers holding them in fact!). I'm not sure that the outer shell is supposed to crack the way that these macarons did but that did not prevent me from enjoying them.  The insides were moist and sort of chewy - I suppose it would be best described as gummy. The flavours of the macarons were distinctly strawberry and lemon but I felt they were too sweet for my liking. However, for my first foray into  macarons, I must say they serve as a decent introduction. Although I highly doubt that anything in the city could compare to the highly praised macarons of Ladurée and Pierre Hermé, I'm excited to try some other macarons in the the meantime while I continue to dream of visiting Paris someday.


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