Saturday, 11 February 2012

Mary Katrantzou for Topshop Coming to Canada

Mary Katrantzou first came onto my radar last year with her spectacular Fall 2011 collection and when I saw the sneakpeek for this Topshop collaboration via Style Bubble, I was instantly in love.  However, I put it behind me as I didn't think the collection would be available in Canada. So, imagine my pleasant surprise when I saw this tweet, announcing that the collection would be coming to the Topshop in The Bay at Yorkdale Mall on March 6th (although the collection officially launches on February 17):
The price range appears to be from $75 to $630 (with the leggings starting at the $75 range and the dresses in the upper range, of course), which is still a steal compared to her regular prices. The satin dress with the bowl shaped skirt ($630) and the long sleeved jersey dress ($360) will surely be instant sellers - they'd certainly be among my purchases if my wallet didn't have a say in the matter. :)

(More pictures of the collection available at and check out Style Bubble to see one of the dresses in a real life context)

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  1. that bowl dress is so hard to pull off - props to you for having the confidence to put it on! ;)

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    valour and lace