Thursday, 15 September 2011

Shifting Gears

I am back at school and I haven't settled back into the groove of things yet. As I move closer to heading into the "real world", every decision I make seems to weigh on me that much more. In some ways, it makes me appreciate the more frivolous choices I have to contend with.

As it is, I have had fall wardrobe planning on my mind. My main goal is to find classic pieces that I can see myself wearing a few years down the road. It has reached that point in my life where I am tired of spending far too much time and money on clothes that don't fit me - literally and figuratively. My blogroll has a number of style blogs on it and I cannot deny that they sometimes fuel an unnecessary desire to buy more. However, this trial and error in shopping has led me to better understand what exactly works and what my tastes are. Perhaps the main reason for the untouched purchases in my closet is that I get caught up in buying for the person I want to be rather than the person I am. I have come to accept that my eclectic tastes and fondness for various styles do not always extend to styling myself.

With my limited student budget, I do not plan to buy all these items or necessarily the specific brands listed. However, these are to guide my purchases so if I do buy anything, it will be something that I feel I need. It is a relatively short list with nothing particularly exciting on it. However, as I hone my style, these are the types of items I see working well with pre-existing items in my closet. As refreshing it would be to create a brand new wardrobe, it really is not financially feasible.

The Surplus Jacket
Outerwear is always a tricky issue as it can really make or break an outfit. Sometimes, it may be the only part of your outfit that anyone even sees. For a while, it was a toss up between a surplus jacket and a trench coat. I have literally hemmed and hawwed over potential trench coat purchases for a few years now. It is difficult to find ones that have a good fit and when I do find one with a satisfactory fit, I am remarkably hesitant. Deep down, I think my heart knows that a trench coat is not the most practical item for me currently. A trench is deemed a wardrobe staple and for me, its allure has always been how prim and proper it makes an outfit. However, I cannot imagine running around in one or throwing it aside haphazardly like I probably would. At the moment, I think a surplus jacket/parka would be most suitable for me and would not look too out of place with my well-worn graphic tees and jeans.
Givenchy, Thes & Thes, Uniqlo

Blouses & Button Ups
Although they are relatively simple, they pair easily with jeans and skirts to create an effortlessly chic outfit. They provide the perfect balance between comfort and looking put together - the secret is all in the fit. (I myself prefer a slightly looser fit.)
Isabel Marant, Balmain, Reed Krakoff

Cozy Thick Knit Sweaters
With the cold weather I get here in Canada, it is probably shocking that I own very few sweaters. However, I have never been particularly interested in them until recently. I suppose that I have finally seen the light. Not only are they practical, but they add another layer of texture to any outfit.
Alexander Wang, Aran Sweater Market, Pringle of Scotland


  1. Nice picks!

  2. I love each and every item that you selected, especially that creme Alexander Wang sweater. It looks divine.

  3. @pink horrorshow

    Ah, absolutely. Alexander Wang has several covetable sweaters out this season. In fact, I'm almost surprised all my picks weren't his designs. haha

  4. That khaki parka is my new MUST-HAVE!
    all posts are great!

  5. @eMxSweet

    Aw, thank you. Glad you found something you liked.