Saturday, 22 October 2011

Ah, Versace

Pictures of the Versace for H&M collection were recently released and the above were my personal favourites. When I heard that Versace would be the next designer collaboration with H&M, I was intrigued. Over the years, Donnatella has designed many dresses that I have admired and even though I knew this collection would be more of a homage to Gianni, I was still looking forward to the results. However, the actual collection was lacking. As evident by my choices, I was not particularly taken with any of the prints although they are rather iconic to the brand. There were around 50 pieces I believe and only a fraction are presented here.

Regardless, the madness and crazy shoppers that are sure to come with the arrival of this collection is rather offputting to me even if I was so inclined to buy any of these pieces. It just calls to mind the scene in Confessions of a Shopaholic when Rebecca Bloomwood goes to the sample sale and fighting ensues. Such shopping events are clearly not for the faint of heart.

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  1. These picks are lovely and beautiful. The colors were perfect. And the designs were great.

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!