Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Turning Tables

Since we were in the neighbourhood, we decided to head to the small Big Fat Burrito location right by Lee's Palace. When I say small, I really do mean small. It's mainly a takeout location although there is a small counter that seats about 3 people.

I'm no expert when it comes to burritos - my standard is Chipotle. I ordered the small pulled pork whole wheat burrito. Unlike Chipotle, the guacamole was not an additional cost which was a bonus. The burrito was prepared within about 5 minutes. I immediately noticed it was significantly smaller than Chipotle and was pressed like a panini. The pulled pork was good but not as flavourful as I would have liked it to be and only made up about 25% of the burrito filling. There was a good balance of the other fillings though whereas I find Chipotle tends to have loads of rice. Overall, still pretty tasty and satisfying but it won't leave you stuffed. Next time I'll be sure to try a large burrito - maybe yam?


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